Eyup Mermutlu

Eyup Mermutlu

To the attention of the public

As of April 12, 2024, all the news [mentioned below] that do not reflect the truth about me, that are intended to defame me, that are not based on concrete information and documents, that there is no investigation about me, and that are incompatible with publishing ethics, are only an attempt to sabotage my name and personality.

Reserving our legal rights, the necessary legal steps have been taken by our lawyers.

News Sites:


Turkish businessman caused a stir in Europe: He gained confidence in the casino: He disappeared with a 15 million dollar heist.

Names behind the fabricated news:

Aslan Özer
Hacı E / Ö Ç…
Aleksandar Sirotkin
Normunds Pranauskis
Mikhail Dmitriev Nilseu
Mathias Bouliung
Kanli Nigar

& more to come…

Yeni Günaydın found Eyüp Mermutlu, the businessman who has been rumored to have disappeared with 15 Million Dollars.

Mermutlu, who displayed a very relaxed attitude towards our reporter, said that he was not running away anywhere and that he was making preparations to confront those who started a smear campaign against him.

Yeni Günaydın reached out to Mermutlu, who suddenly came to the fore with allegations that he ran away with 15 million dollars, before anyone else and asked questions that no one else asked.

Mermutlu, whom we found at a horse farm, made very interesting claims and statements.

Detailed interview coming soon on Yeni Günaydın…


This is a message to the anonymous cowards who have ‘attempted’ to sabotage my professional reputation.

There will be no advantage to falsifying a website in my name as we have recently discovered who the perpetrators are and we will reveal who they are in the coming weeks.

I thank all my dear friends and long term associates who have seen this slanderous website www.eyup-mermutlu.com and reported it back to me. They have found it highly shocking & amusing that my impeccable character has been undermined in this way. We laughed our bollocks off.

What brainless cowards you are, and how desperate you must be to sink so low to try and discredit me in this underhand way.

Try to be a Man in the day, but wearing your Mothers lingerie in the evening. We all know about your nocturnal activities.

My life is an open book. Why isn’t yours? Do you have something to hide?

Do you think you will succeed where others have failed at trying to bring me down within this double standard industry?

Whoever laughs last, laughs longest.

Onwards & Upwards.


After we had found the culprits behind this, Alexander Sirotkin from Riga. Now residing in Batumi after running away from debts he left behind, and his colleague Mathias Bouliung, International hacker, who has had some issues with Interpol, Living in Riga, & Normunds Pranauskis & Mikhail Dmitriev Nilseu. Both opportunists, residing in Norway.

They requested and tried to extort €100,000 from me to have the slanderous website removed.

We are now dealing with this case.